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Embrace the future of software development with our cloud application development services. We design and deploy cloud-native applications that leverage the scalability, reliability, and cost-efficiency of cloud platforms. Discover the transformative potential of cloud application development with our expert team.

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Cloud Application Development Services in Nigeria (Port Harcourt, Lagos & Abuja)

The ‘Cloud’ is a Hi-tech computing service that travels across the internet to servers in different locations. This IT infrastructure is usually managed by a service provider who charges a fee in exchange for the computing power and other cloud-based services. Cloud services allow companies to hire the computing power to flexibly store their data, develop cloud-based applications and deploy powerful IoT systems.

Although the market of cloud services is booming, a lot of cloud-based application development projects rely on the services of top tech companies. Three of the most popular cloud service providers include Amazon (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft (Azure), and Google (Google Cloud Platform). The most common types of cloud-native software development include; SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service).

Invest in Cloud Development Services

The demand for cloud services has grown rapidly due to the number of companies currently adopting digital solutions. Cloud Application Development Services enable businesses to move their infrastructures to the cloud and tap into the benefits of digital transformation.

Cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, have made it easier for their clients to safely manage or migrate their data.

Cloud software development companies can also be of help when it comes to building SaaS applications, cloud-native software development, azure application development, and AWS mobile app development. Whether it involves designing and developing a new cloud-native application or re-developing an existing one, investing in quality cloud application development services allows for a smooth transition to the cloud, data flexibility, and safely stored data.

Although cloud data management relies on uploading all the data in a central database for storage, businesses can still create backups and follow-up data recovery procedures. There are also companies that offer cloud-to-cloud recovery solutions focused on securing your data. Cloud management is often considered to be safer than on-premise data management as it reduces the chance of data breach, device malfunction, or hardware failure.

Similarly, applications built in the cloud are more efficient than on-premise applications as they benefit from the ever-improving data security standards implemented by cloud service providers.

The Benefits of Cloud Development

According to McKinsey, digital adoption among consumers and businesses has vaulted five years forward during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cloud solutions allow you to step up data management and explore the possibilities of cloud development for your app. Some other benefits of Cloud-based application development include; Accessibility, Collaboration, Security, Maintainability, Cloud Migration, Digital transformation, Up-to-date data, Cloud-Native Development, Cloud App Development, Cloud Development Solutions

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We are a leading custom software development agency focused on web, mobile app development & SaaS application development & MVP Development.

What is Cloud Application Development?

Cloud applications use cloud solutions like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform to store and process data. Since there is no difference in the software’s interface and experience for the end-user, the application can automatically scale up to meet the demands of sudden spikes in traffic, making it more resilient to change.

Cloud Application Development Services involves the designing, development and deployment of an application to the cloud using microservices for faster development and deployment. It is also possible to re-architect an app and migrate it to the cloud, especially for legacy applications.

Cloud Migration

Businesses rely on various data sources, both on-premise and in the cloud. In order to ensure data integrity, companies must invest in cloud migration. This is a process of transferring information from scattered environments to a single database. By moving different databases, and applications to the cloud, businesses gain better control over the data they already process and manage. Also, creating a backup of those cloud-stored data is easier, and ensures the proper protection of the company’s most valuable information.

DevOps Services

DevOps teams help to improve collaboration between the software development and operations teams, thereby shortening the delivery time for your cloud-based services. DevOps teams combine software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) in providing the continuous delivery of your solution. Such teams help speed up the development of applications by aligning product delivery and testing with deployment cycles while maintaining premium quality for your project.

The Cost of Cloud Application Development

Cloud application development services will require hiring experienced software developers. Whether you choose to build an in-house team or outsource your project to cloud software development companies, the estimated cost will depend on the scope of your project and the hourly rates of the software development company you choose. The cost of cloud-native software development is also dependent on the nature (type) of the application or software and the cloud software development life cycle.

If you’re unsure about the details of the cloud application development architecture, the software development team can also help you choose the right tech stack for your project. Application and software development on Cloud infrastructure helps the web and PWA development services to reduce development costs, work with remote teams, and speed up the project time if combined with software development methodologies like Agile. However, not all companies are experienced enough to perform complex aspects of the cloud-based application development process.

Businesses looking to develop digital products like cloud-native software development need to work with trusted cloud software development companies. At Mobirevo, our team of experienced software developers is ready to deliver your project. We’ve experience building Cloud applications for companies across different industries while helping our clients understand their business model and how Cloud can help them maximize their business goals.

Our developers capitalize on the latest cloud-native development trends to meet the demands of a competitive market. We have vast design and technical experience in building SaaS applications, azure application development, and AWS mobile app development. We are also available 24/7 to provide support to our customers. We develop mobile apps that best fit your business to market their services faster by 60%.

We also help you build a stronger online presence by leveraging the digital space to promote your brand. Our security protocols ensure that your android application gets hosted on the most reliable servers. By ensuring DevOps best practices, we are qualified to help you with your cloud-based application development project. Contact us now for a consultation session and find out how we can bring your ideas to life through our Cloud Application Development services.

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We are a leading custom software development agency focused on web, mobile app development & SaaS application development & MVP Development.

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