What makes a good mobile app development company in 2022

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What makes a good mobile app development company in 2022
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What is a mobile app development company, what do they do and why is it important to your business? Are you on a quest to find the perfect mobile app development company? In this article, we will cover some key things to guide you on choosing the best mobile app development company for your business in 2022. But first, we will take you through basic things you should know before picking a mobile app development company: 
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What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development in its simplest term is the creation or building of software programs that can be downloaded or accessed via a mobile device, utilizing its features and hardware. To explain that better; mobile app development sourced from traditional software development, is designed solely to utilize the components of the mobile phone which is significantly different from devices like the laptop and desktop. While a programmer creates software for a desktop or laptop, an arrangement must be made for an app that can run with lesser components.  Since the introduction of smartphones or other smart devices like tablets and smartwatches, there has been a steady spike in the need for mobile software, experts foretell the mobile app development industry is projected to be worth over $935 billion by 2023.  But why is there so much activity in this industry? It is simple; the mobile app development industry makes it possible for brands to promote their businesses because, in today's world, more customers are making the transition away from the desktop to their mobile devices.  

What is a mobile app development company?

Narrowing down a bit to the main reason you're here; A mobile app development company is a business or team concerned with the creation of software program that can be hosted on mobile devices for businesses. It is the primary duty of a mobile app development company to ideate and conceptualize app designs and features to suit client demands.  A development team usually includes:
  • Software engineers
  • Graphic designers
  • Data scientists
  • Project manager
  • Requirement analyst
  • QA engineers
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The mobile app development process: How it's done

There is a strong process for coming out with a beautifully designed, fully functional mobile app. Such that takes weeks... even months to complete. We will run you through the process of developing a mobile app; showing you the nitty-gritty, all you should know before venturing into hiring a mobile development company.  First, here is an overview of the entire development process: [caption id="attachment_1926" align="alignnone" width="1851"]mobile app development the mobile app development process[/caption]  
  1. Research & discovery
This is the very first part of the ideation process, the essential part at the initial stage of cooperation. This process includes stakeholder interviews, insights on users’ needs, workshops, brainstorming, use cases, and prototyping.
  1. Product design (UX & UI)
We go right down to build clickable wireframes and mockups so you can get a look and feel of the product.  Following a human-centered approach, we care about the end customers and deliver products they would enjoy.
  1. Product implementation
We consider this the most important part of the development process. After planning all the projects for short sprints, we start engineering itself.  We always use the right tech stack which fits your project needs.
  1. Optimization
After developing, we have to be certain that resources were used effectively. So we carry out code review, refactoring, and optimization.  At this point, we make sure that there are no bottlenecks in the code and the app runs flawlessly.
  1. Quality assurance
Before we finally deliver the project, we must be confident that each feature works as it should.  Our QA engineers perform manual and automated tests, studying all the users' stories.
  1. Deploy & monitoring
The final piece of development. Here we deploy everything we built. This is the point our project goes public.  Typically, we maintain cooperation with you after product delivery and assist at each stage of your business development.  You can schedule a meeting or share your project with us to get the best quality service for your business. That was just an overview... How about we go a little deeper into the subject?

Mobile app development frameworks

A mobile app development framework is a software structure that supports the development of a mobile app in a certain type of environment. Of a truth, no mobile app developed successfully was done without the right framework; alongside platforms, databases and technology.  Choosing the right framework is important to creating that hardcore mobile app you've always wanted. Here are a few of our best mobile app development frameworks and their benefits:

1. PhoneGap: This is a framework also known as Apache Cordova. This framework allows developers to create native apps installed across multiple devices, it as well supports inbuilt hardware devices like storage and camera. PhoneGap is popularly known and used for its functionality which allows for creating multiple versions of an app from a single code base.


2. Ionic: Ionic is an open-source HTML5 development framework. The amazing thing about Ionic is it enables cross-platform mobile app development. It is no news that the Ionic development framework is adored by many developers all over the world, the platform provides default UI elements, and supports Android 4.1 IOS 7 and above.


3. React native: The React native development framework is shown a preference for IOS and Android app development. Why the react-native framework is so popular and greatly used amongst top businesses is because it fosters faster in terms of deployment and has shorter development cycles. 

This cross-platform framework makes it super easy to work with because developers do not have to learn more complex languages to develop IOS or Android apps. The native as well comes with a feature that produces smooth animations between the conversion from codes to native views before it is rendered.


4. Flutter: The Google product, Flutter is an app development kit with a unique value proposition; super-fast coding!

Like PhoneGap, Flutter has a single code base which makes for a smooth and fast development process, plus the ability to tweak the old widgets or replacing them with new ones stress-free as an added advantage.


5. Appcelerator Titanium: Regarded as the all-in-one app development framework, Appcelerator Titanium is your best bet for a great cross-platform mobile app development. 

The Appcelerator comes with independent API’s plus native UI components to ensure great performance to users. 


Mobile app development languages

The core of Mobile app development hinges on certain factors on one of the main factors would be the choice of languages. Depending on whether it will be an Android or IOS or both, your choice of programming language determines the kind of result you get.  In the previous part of this article we covered mobile app development frameworks, certain languages work well with some platforms. As we delve into our considered top list of mobile languages, we will highlight suitable platforms that work alongside, starting from the most to the least popular:
  1. Python: This isn't so much of a weird name for a programming language, but given its military-like code name, Python is a high-level programming language. 
This programming language has numerous possible applications in real life, has gone beyond software development, successfully making its way into the computation of numeric and scientific data. Python is quite easy to learn and master.  
  •  JavaScript: This programming language is widely used by developers because it offers object-oriented and functional programming. Though not common, apps created with Javascript can be launched on IOS, Android and windows.
It is important to know that Javascript isn't a language used for app development, but things like web browsers. Thus creating an app with Javascript can only be possible when used alongside AJAX, CSS and HTML.  
  • Java: This object-oriented programming language is considered one of the most used for app development amongst developers all over the world. Java is currently owned by Oracle but was developed at Sun Microsystems. 
You may have little luck trying to use Java to develop apps for IOS but on the other hand, works great for creating cross-platform apps. Java is applicable for the development of web apps, games, Android apps and server apps. If you are on a quest to create some really good app for android O.S, Java is your best bet.  
  • C++: Another object-oriented programming language (better pronounced as C plus) with its origin in the C programming language, C++ has a low memory manipulation feature, unified debugging, and a working environment. This programming language isn't at all complex, If you have a basic knowledge of its predecessor C, you won't have much of an issue with C++.
This programming language has seen the conception of great brands and has crept into numerous sectors. With the C++ language, you can create android apps, web browsers, game development, even new programming languages!  
  • PHP: Developed in 1995 Unlike any language we have talked about, the PHP - Hypertext preprocessor is an open-source language with server-side scripting. The PHP is primarily used to develop websites but can as well be used in developing mobile applications.
  • SQL: The acronym meaning Structured Query Language is used primarily to process streams in RDBMS. Fondly referred to as the language for data, SQL covers things like data query, definition, manipulation and access control. 
  • C#: This object and component-oriented multi-paradigm programming language, popularly known as C sharp, is Microsoft owned and is specifically designed to develop apps for Windows operating system. C# is considered one of the best languages to create gaming apps because it is supported by Unity3D.
  • HTML5: First and foremost you must be aware that the HyperText Markup Language is primarily not a language used to develop mobile apps. So if at all you will develop an app in HTML5, you need to do it alongside other languages like Javascript. Plus a robust framework as it requires.
This programming language enables a single coding to be used on multiple devices. Amazing examples of web apps created using HTML5 include Google docs and Google drive.  
  • Objective-C: The language behind the development of iOS and OS X, before the inception of Swift. This programming language is a general-purpose object-oriented language, also having its roots in the programming language C. With the objective C you can build any kind of app.
  • Swift: Talking about swift, this programming language is almost like the new popular kid on the block. Swiftly overshadowing other programming languages like Objective C, Swift is popular for writing Apple’s most recent API’s; Cocoa touch and Cocoa. 
The language is at the time open for iOS alone but works well for Linux operating systems. There are still a good number of programming languages we can consider, but we promised the top languages for you, so there you have it.  The right mobile app development company will decide on what language will be best suitable for your app, but this is to keep you informed when choosing the right app development company.  At Mobirevo we use languages that suit our client’s specifications, it is our sole aim to not only give you what you desire but also a highly responsive and fully functional mobile app.   

What makes a good mobile app development company in 2022

Finally! Good background knowledge of what a Mobile app development company is, as well as the process and workflow are all necessary to pick the best for your business.  So having considered all that, we have put together (kind of like a checklist) things you must keep your eyes peeled for if you are to get the best of the best:

Few things to look out for when choosing a mobile app development company


1. Based on customer reviews

This is one MAJOR way to find credible trustworthy mobile app development companies that will give you your money's worth.  These reviews make it possible for you to assess their past work as well as get in touch with their previous clients before you hire or even contact them.  This gives you enough evidence and will inform your decision whether or not to do business with them. At Mobirevo, we have several testimonials from highly satisfied clients who worked with us and recommended us internationally. See our reviews section  

2. Safety of the app concept

Be security conscious! One big problem suffered by many businesses who end up failing most times even before they start is the carelessness of the company with the app concept. In cases like this, pseudo versions of the app flood the marketplace with the original idea, before the launch of the main app. This can be frustrating and very discouraging. So to avoid this, your app’s idea security is necessary before you choose a mobile app development company for your business. We know how important your app concept is, that is why at Mobirevo, we sign a non-disclosure agreement that binds the company to ensure that not a single piece of information is leaked to the public before launch.   

3. App design quality

The look and feel of any mobile app is a major determinant of the extent of its success. So investing your resources in building an app with a perfectly great idea but bad UI/UX is not worth it.  You have the liberty to go through their design portfolio, check out if their design standard is widely accepted, you can as well check out client feedback on their design job.  So hire a mobile app development company that will create custom top-notch designs for your app. This is one of our company's specialties; we thrive in Saas development as well as UI/UX designing. Check out some reviews from leading brands in the tech space.   
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4. Valid quality assurance and testing measures

Avoid bugs and technical errors on your app. If your app is slow or often malfunctions it'll lead to a steep decline in the number of users. So it is not enough to have a fancy-looking app, the app must function properly with zero bugs or technical issues. A good mobile app development company will ensure due process is followed to ensure quality is delivered.   

5. Efficient delivery management system

Communication is key in the process of delivering work. Having an effective delivery management system will keep you, the client in the know, and the development company accountable.  This is done with project milestones and agreed communication channels.   

Final note...

This article has exhaustively covered the subject of “a good mobile app development company”; intently looking at the nitty-gritty and pointers of a good company you can confidently work with and certain they will deliver.  You can cut through search time in half and get the best services if you work with us. Mobirevo is a custom software development company that supports B2B, B2C & SMEs in their efforts to develop sustainable and efficient IT infrastructure; with over 50 software solutions for top tech leaders under its belt, Mobirevo offers clients apps that meet world standards both in design and functionality.  The right investment is one in which you are well informed. Get the most of your time and money with the right information and the perfect development company for your business. The fastest way to get your questions answered is to jump on a quick discovery call, and let us help turn your idea into reality! Book a discovery call >> https://meetings.hubspot.com/eikechukwu39 or call +2347061618972
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