Wireless Instant Messaging Application for Wiccon

Learn how Mobirevo delivered a top-notch mobile app trading platform for Gift Cards, designed a modern and striking interface for the app, and developed the design into a fully working product.






May 2020 - November 2021


Project discovery, Front-end, Back-end, UX/UI design, Android development


2 Software Developers, 1 Mobile Developer, 1 UX/UI Designer, 1 QA Engineer, 1 Project Manager, 1 DevOps Engineer

Core Technologies:

Firebase, Laravel, Java, MySQL

“Almost without compare, they’re able to bring a very strategic approach to the creative that they produce.”

Edward Chinedu

CEO Wiccon


Wiconn is a messaging app that lets users text, chat, and share media, including voice messages and video, with individuals or groups.

In addition, users can also test, and share media including voice messages and video over a Local Area Network within a limited range without the need for a data connection.

Business Challenges

  • Build a secured login and registration module.
  • Develop a chat system that will allow users to send text, media, and files within the platform.
  • Develop and integrate a video and voice call module.
  • Local area connection to allow offline text chat & file sharing for peer to peer and group communication .
  • Enabling the self-destruct messaging functionality .
  • Create a Notifications system that notifies the users when they receive a new message online or offline.
  • Enabling search functionality in the contacts, messaging, and chat modules.
  • Create a wallet system for storage of tokens .
  • Develop a digital token for rewarding users for online tasks.
  • Develop a module for displaying video ads, map the task reward module to the video ads view such that; each view would automatically reward the user with a certain amount of the digital token which would be stored in the wallet module.

Value Delivered

  • Text Chat System: we developed a chat system that allows users to seamlessly send text, documents, files, and even share locations. The chat interface was made simple and simple to use. we also created a group feature that allows users to create groups and add others users to the group chat.
  • Voice and Video call Module: To achieve this functionality, we develop the structure & interface of the module and integrate algora SDK allowing for seamless video and audio calls between peer-to-peer users.
  • Local Area Connection: One of the main unique features of the wiconn app is the possibility of offline text and files sharing capabilities. To achieve this we integrated hype SDK. Hype SDK uses a combination of Bluetooth and location technology to allow for seamless offline connection (without the need for the internet).
  • Self Destruct Messaging Functionality: Using a couple of logic checks and timer functionalities, we enabled a self-destruct feature for the messaging module for both online and offline communication within the app.
  • Notification System: To achieve this we used firebase for the notification system.

Solution Delivered

Andriod App Development

Our team delivered a responsive, fast launch android application that allows the users to text & share files via the data connection and local area network.

Web Admin Portal Development

We were able to build and deploy an admin portal that is responsive across all devices.

The admin portal allows the admin govern the mobile app which is an additional support to the firebase dashboard which is also linked/connected to google analytics for advance user metrics.











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