The Importance of SAAS UI/UX Design

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The Importance of SAAS UI/UX Design
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In web and app design, UI and UX design are two of the most commonly misunderstood and conflated terms. It's also understandable. On the surface, they appear to describe the same thing. They're usually grouped together in a single term, UI/UX design. It's often difficult to find accurate descriptions of the two that aren't jargon-ridden. But don't be concerned! The Importance of SAAS UI/UX Design, top SaaS UX Design Trends for 2022, and some design issues for SaaS products are discussed in this article.
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What Exactly is UI Design?

Importance of Сreating a Great SaaS UI/UX Design Design Issues for SaaS Product Things to Look out for in SAAS UI/UX Design SaaS UX Design Trends for 2022

In UI design, "UI" stands for "user interface." A program's user interface is its graphical layout. It includes the buttons that users press, the text that they read, the graphics, sliders, text entry boxes, and all other objects that the user interacts with. This includes the screen layout, transitions, interface animations, and every micro-interaction. Every visual element, interaction, and animation must be carefully thought out. This is a task that UI designers are in charge of. They are in charge of determining the look and feel of the application. They must choose color palettes, button forms, line widths, and text typefaces, among other things. UI designers are in charge of the look and feel of an application's user interface. UI designers are graphic designers. They are preoccupied with outward appearances. Their job is to make sure the app's interface is appealing, visually stimulating, and appropriately themed to match the app's purpose and/or personality. They must also ensure that each visual element is both aesthetically and functionally consistent.

What Exactly is UX Design?

Importance of Сreating a Great SaaS UI/UX Design Design Issues for SaaS Product Things to Look out for in SAAS UI/UX Design SaaS UX Design Trends for 2022

The term "UX" refers to a person's "user experience." A user's experience with an app is determined by how they interact with it. Is the experience intuitive and fluid, or clumsy and confusing? Is it easier to use the app in a logical or haphazard manner? Is it the case that using the app makes people feel like they're accomplishing what they set out to do, or that it makes them feel like they're struggling? The user experience is determined by the ease or difficulty with which the user interface elements designed by the UI designers can be interacted with. As a result, UX designers are also concerned with the user interface of an application, which is why some people are perplexed by the distinction. UI designers, on the other hand, are responsible for determining how the user interface will appear, whereas UX designers are responsible for determining how the user interface will function. They define the structure and functionality of the user interface. The way it's put together and how the various components interact. In a nutshell, they design how the interface functions. If it works well and feels seamless, the user will have a positive experience. The user experience will be poor if navigation is difficult or unintuitive. The second scenario is one that UX designers try to avoid at all costs. In UX design, there is also some iterative analysis. Users will provide feedback on UX designers' wireframe renderings of their interface interactions. This will be incorporated into their plans. UX designers must have a thorough understanding of how people prefer to interact with their apps.
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Importance of Creating a Great SaaS UI/UX Design

Importance of Сreating a Great SaaS UI/UX Design Design Issues for SaaS Product Things to Look out for in SAAS UI/UX Design SaaS UX Design Trends for 2022

Any company's primary goal is to boost sales and expand its overall operations. The importance of UX/UI Design in achieving this goal cannot be overstated. The UX/UI Design of the application improves the user experience and customer satisfaction, which helps to increase the number of users of the app. With so many options and alternatives for the products and/or services you offer, you only have a limited amount of time to capture your users' attention, and you must hit the bullseye in that time. By providing customers with what they want, UI and UX Design can help you gain their trust and persuade them to use your app or website. The number of people who visit your website/app can be used to determine the success of your fantastic UI and UX. Because first impressions last a long time and UI and UX design can make or break brand awareness, the importance of UI and UX design becomes even more important for a start-up or small business. The following are some of the most crucial aspects of UI/UX design:

1. Information Architecture

The goal of information architecture, also known as IA, is to create the information structure of an application or a website in order to meet business goals. The IA's main purpose is to provide easy navigation to its users, regardless of the browser they are using. It's all about using as many permutations and combinations as possible to create the largest and most comprehensive navigation menu possible.

2. Designing Interactions

The goal of interaction design is to create a conceptual design that allows people to interact with a product or application. This interaction includes aesthetics, color, typeface, icons, pictures, motion, music, space, graphics, and so on.

3. Usability

User-friendliness is another term for usability. Usability considers how to handle errors in addition to determining whether users obtain the information they seek when using the application or visiting the site for the first time.
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4. Wireframing

Wireframing is the process of creating a prototype of an application in order to test its features, appearance, and usability before it is released. It is a low-cost method of determining whether an application is functional and serves its purpose.

5. Visual Elements Design

An application's or website's visual design is comparable to defining a company's brand. Finalizing the visual design has the potential to influence user behavior, making it the most important aspect of the UI design. Visual design entails more than just selecting the best images, colors, symbols, and fonts; it also entails determining how the program's appearance influences user interaction.

6. SaaS Product Design Issues

Customers frequently sign up for a service only to abandon it when they find a better alternative. Goal-oriented UI designs depreciate in value over time, whereas habit-forming designs appreciate. We discuss some of the challenges that SaaS products may face.
  • Layout: The User Interface is where you tell your story by incorporating as many elements as you think are necessary and appropriate. The way you organize these parts to create your story is referred to as your layout. This design will be crucial for a good user experience.
  • Accessibility: Your design may be appealing on the surface, but does it make sense to your users? It may seem obvious to you because you work on your program every day; however, your users may not feel the same way. Is it possible for your users to use the features of your app without the need for a manual?
  • Visual Effects: It's no longer enough to have an application that does its job well. It must pique your user's interest. They must find it appealing. But don't go too far; new habits are built on the foundation of old ones. Being one-of-a-kind and incredibly inventive may not always be advantageous.
  • Database: There's no way out, says the database. When building a database, forms are unavoidable. Your UX designers must make it simple for your customers to swallow the pill, i.e. make it simple for them to fill them.

Things to Look out for in Saas UI/UX Design

Importance of Сreating a Great SaaS UI/UX Design Design Issues for SaaS Product Things to Look out for in SAAS UI/UX Design SaaS UX Design Trends for 2022

Y You can have the best SaaS product idea in the world, but without good UI and UX strategies, you'll only lose customers. User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are inextricably linked; a bad UI can lead to a bad UX, and a bad UX can trump a good UI in the eyes of the customer. User Interface Design complements User Experience by addressing the look, feel, and interactivity of your SaaS. The term "User Experience" refers to everything that has to do with providing a positive customer experience. For example, customer service is not part of your UI design, but it is unquestionably part of your UX. However, because UX and UI design trends change frequently, what constitutes best practices? Let's look at it more closely:
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1. Make use of simple icons.

Icons are essential for directing people where to go and what to expect once they arrive. However, one thing we've noticed on a regular basis is the use of iconography that almost no one understands in SaaS and other programs. That icon is a bad choice if someone has to look around or consult a "icon dictionary" to figure out what you're talking about. The guiding principle here should be "simple and practical." In a matter of seconds, your users expect to understand what the icon represents and what it is used for. It is widely recognized and clearly symbolizes the function for which it stands in an ideal world.

2. Dynamic data sorting

There are a lot of SaaS apps that use data in different ways. Users can use Buzzsumo to look for shared content and well-known authors, for example. If your app involves searching for and sorting through a large amount of data, dynamic sorting options are a best practice that will improve user experience. This necessitates the use of appropriate methods for restricting and filtering search results so that the user can select the information that is most relevant to them.
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3. Create logical routes

Onboarding and preparing users to do what they want with your app effectively is a significant issue. You should provide enough information upfront so that a user can quickly understand how your software will benefit them, but not so much that the user becomes overwhelmed. When you limit upfront information, make sure it's as relevant to your target customers as possible. Some SaaS companies make the mistake of forcing users to provide information or complete a process that has nothing to do with them. That user will most likely vanish if there is no way to bypass the stage. Another common error is failing to create a consistent path throughout the program. It could be compared to a series of doors. When a user enters, they are given the option of selecting a door that may lead to other doors; however, regardless of which direction they travel, the trail should be clear and logical. The user experience suffers when you go through door C expecting to get option A but instead get option Z.

4. Personalization

If it's possible, customizing the app's design to fit the user's own work patterns could be a great way to keep them engaged. Users can customize their settings and create custom processes with apps like Trello. Another SaaS that lets users customize their appearance and preferences is Slack. When a user can customize an app to fit their business processes or workflow, they're more likely to stick with it.

5. Navigation on a global scale

Following up on the previous point about logical pathways, having very clear global navigation is a critical practice to follow to begin with. A global navigation menu is required for larger SaaS because there may be numerous links, tools, or features available. This can be difficult to manage, especially if you have a lot of features to include – Hootsuite, for example, always has a list of menu icons visible. The other option is to hide those items in other places, but this is a bad user experience. Nobody likes having to look for that one specific feature they were looking for.

6. Signing up is simple.

Nobody will sign up for your SaaS if they have to jump through hoops to get it. There are several potential "frictions" during registration, for example:
  • Excessive form fields should be avoided; only request information that is absolutely necessary.
  • For a free trial, you'll need a credit card.
  • There aren't any clear calls to action.
People want to know what they're getting themselves into and why they're doing it. They want to see a clear path to get there as well. For example, you might come across vague CTAs like "yes, grant me access!" What kind of access do you have? How long do you think this will last? Is it necessary for me to make a payment at this time? Make sure that all pertinent information is easily accessible.

7. Use a beautiful design

Sure, your user interface should be as simple and useful as possible, but we've moved on from the days when this meant sloppy design. To help orient a user's experience, something visually appealing is now frequently used. Consider AirBnB or Asana: their aesthetic appeal is a big part of their appeal. Users are vocal about the user interface because it can make or break their experience. Take, for example, Snapchat's recent UI overhaul, which was widely panned by users for making the service more difficult to use.

8. Make it simple to seek help.

The goal of the game is to make it as simple to use as possible, which includes making it simple to receive assistance if necessary. This includes not only making it clear how to seek assistance, but also providing your customers with options for obtaining it. This will include a variety of services such as live chat, support desks, help requests, knowledge bases, and quick start instructions for many SaaS products. You can also make the process more efficient by communicating with users on a regular basis and keeping them informed about any changes. In a perfect world, you'd have a mix of self-service and assisted help options.

Importance of Сreating a Great SaaS UI/UX Design Design Issues for SaaS Product Things to Look out for in SAAS UI/UX Design SaaS UX Design Trends for 2022

According to a study conducted by Price Intelligently, SaaS products launched in 2015 had an average of 2.6 competitors. The figure had risen to 9.7 after five years. Many businesses are now implementing a variety of modern technologies, ranging from artificial intelligence to low-code development and beyond, to gain a competitive advantage. We'll look at the most recent SaaS trends and what the future holds for this service model in this article.

1. Artificial Intelligence.

What a delightful surprise! I'm sure you anticipated this one. Artificial intelligence (AI) has swept the tech world, and the SaaS industry is no exception. AI is one of the most important innovative technologies that will almost certainly disrupt the SaaS model. Hyper-personalization is one of the most important benefits that AI brings to the table, allowing businesses to meet the needs of their customers in B2B, B2C, and direct-to-consumer (DTC) markets.

2. Computer-assisted learning

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are frequently used interchangeably, which is incorrect. Machine learning is an artificial intelligence subfield that focuses on data processing and learning. Some of the most common machine learning use cases in SaaS include (but are not limited to):
  • Allowing platforms to learn about their users' preferences and habits, allowing businesses to improve their products' usability and intuitiveness.
  • To assist businesses in optimizing their product and market positioning, large volumes of contextual data and insights are processed.
  • Internal operations and collaboration are being improved.
  • Consumer participation is increasing, and advanced pattern recognition ensures data security. Integrations
In the early days of SaaS, there were no integration solutions. Combining products and services was not possible. As a result, consumers were expected to rely on third-party solutions, which was unappealing to both individuals and institutions, particularly those who weren't ready to migrate their entire data set to the cloud. However, a growing number of SaaS providers are offering more robust integration options, enticing businesses to opt for a hybrid solution that combines a cloud backend with an on-premise system.

3. Micro SaaS (Software as a Service)

As previously stated, the SaaS sector has become more competitive and plentiful. As more competitors enter the market, we see many businesses try to adapt and provide more innovative and creative services to their customers. One way to adapt to this competitive market is to create smaller, more flexible products that are frequently handled by extremely small teams or even a single individual. Micro SaaS solutions are frequently extensions or add-ons to larger products with the goal of improving the user experience in specific industries.

4. Everything is moving to mobile devices.

We can expect to see more SaaS products follow suit as the world gradually transitions to a more mobile-first era. Of course, this poses a number of challenges, particularly in terms of design—creating interfaces that cater to neurodiverse and senior users, as well as people with vision and hearing impairments. In 2022, the following topics are expected to receive the most attention:
  • Enhancements to accessibility features; mobile device personalization;
  • Immersive mobile experiences based on augmented reality and virtual reality;
  • Improved machine learning-based responsiveness, gesture design, and intuitive filtering;

5. Low-code

In recent years, no-code and low-code development platforms have been on everyone's radar, including the SaaS industry. Because low-code platforms are more accessible to the general public, they allow fewer "techy" companies and individuals to enter the market, diversifying the market. This unrivaled accessibility is accompanied by a slew of additional benefits. Developers, designers, and product executives can spend more time and money on innovation and addressing the industry's most pressing concerns because less code equals lower costs. Low-code platforms, meanwhile, will allow entrepreneurs to quickly create MVPs, allowing them to test more ideas at a faster pace. Some well-known low-code app examples include Zapier, Airtable, Webflow, and Typeform.

6. Vertical Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

The primary difference between vertical and horizontal SaaS is their focus. The former, as its name implies, caters to a wide range of industries. Simultaneously, the latter is a product that tries to appeal to a smaller audience, usually within a niche. Vertical SaaS, with its industry-specific solutions, is a comfortable and cost-effective option for many businesses. As a result of this increased adaptability, revenue will increase and client acquisition costs will decrease. Some notable vertical SaaS examples include BioIQ (medical), Guidewire (insurance), and Innovacer (healthcare).

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Importance of Сreating a Great SaaS UI/UX Design Design Issues for SaaS Product Things to Look out for in SAAS UI/UX Design SaaS UX Design Trends for 2022 Do you want to work with a SaaS UX/UI design agency that follows a defined design process, meets deadlines, and produces outstanding results? Then take a look at Mobirevo's SaaS UI/UX services. Our design team can help you create an engaging product quickly and easily. When you use our services, you get everything you need to properly realize your product idea, because we incorporate design standards that allow us to deliver your product faster while maintaining high quality. Do you want to work with a SaaS UX/UI design agency that follows a defined design process, meets deadlines, and produces outstanding results? Then take a look at Mobirevo's SaaS UI/UX services. Our design team can help you create an engaging product quickly and easily. When you use our services, you get everything you need to properly realize your product idea, because we incorporate design standards that allow us to deliver your product faster while maintaining high quality. Developing a SaaS product is an excellent business idea that will continue to gain traction in the future. Now is the time to get started. A reputable and knowledgeable SaaS development company, such as Mobirevo, can assist you in researching the problem and implementing critical features to avoid falling into any traps. We help companies create visually appealing yet highly functional SaaS apps. Let us know how we can help you right now.  


If you want to engage and retain users, your SaaS UI and UX must be perfect. A bad user interface will affect your UX, and a good user interface will not make up for a bad overall UX. Although the SaaS industry is prone to many trends, the best practices we've mentioned are long-term items that are unlikely to change significantly. The overall goal is to reduce friction for users in any way possible while also ensuring that you have directly addressed their needs. Contact us and let's talk about turning your SaaS ideas into reality! Our dedicated development team has extensive experience. You can contact us today to get a free quote. Our team at Mobirevo strives to provide unrivaled services to all of our valued clients. You can also check out our case study page to see our client’s portfolio and get a better understanding of the quality of products we deliver. Also, contact us if you have any questions about our services, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Want to receive more content like this? You can signup for our newsletter, which features curated opinions, and product discovery tools for building remarkable digital assets. If you sign up for our weekly newsletter, you will be the first to know when we publish awesome content like this. You can also visit our blog to see other content created with love by our amazing team.
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