20 Best .Net Development Tools to Help you in 2022

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20 Best .Net Development Tools to Help you in 2022
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It's a great time to be a .Net developer. The platform has evolved from a simple tool for creating web applications into a full-featured set of development tools that can be used to build desktop apps, mobile apps, and more. Today's .Net developers have access to an incredible wealth of third-party tools and frameworks that help them do their jobs better, faster, and more efficiently. .NET is a Microsoft-specific programming language created in 2002 and has been used by millions of developers around the world. It is one of the most popular platforms for creating websites and applications for businesses and individuals alike. The .NET framework offers an incredible number of benefits for developing web applications with high performance, scalability, reliability, and security. It allows developers to create cross-platform applications that can run on multiple operating systems like Windows or Linux without any difficulty. As we all know, there are hundreds of tools available today that can make our lives easier when it comes to developing applications or websites with .NET technology. But only a few stand out from the crowd because they offer something unique that makes them stand out from others in terms of quality and price point which will help us save money while getting something better at the same time! In this article, we will discuss the 20 Best .Net Development Tools to Help you in 2022.
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20 Best .Net Development Tools

Why Choose Us as your .Net Development Company 20 Best .Net Development Tools to Help you in 2022

  1. Octopus

Octopus is the only Microsoft online developer tool for.Net developers that allow them to control software release and deployment. It's a deployment tool that takes the .net programming packages created by a.net software developer and delivers them on various platforms, including Windows (Windows, Linux, Azure).
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Chocolatey is the only Windows software with a big registry. As a result, Chocolatey can consolidate everything needed to manage ASP.NET programming and software projects into a single built package and distribute them all in one place. This tool's most notable characteristic is that it supports all programming establishment advancements, including NSIS, InnoSetup, and even runtime binaries and zip files. Chocolatey is made up of PowerShell to guide automatic software management and in-manufactured modules to execute complex tasks quickly.
  1. NCrunch

NCruch is a framework for.NET application development that makes coding and testing easier. NCrunch will run tests on your project for you if you forget to do so. Developers can use this tool to run tests as they write code. It's a testing tool that allows.Net programmers to meet quality standards while writing code. Ncrunch extracts the required data from the tested code, allowing engineers to improve the code quality simultaneously.
  1. Telerik Test Studio
This is a loadable library (DLL) that allows you to run unit tests on your code without having to install any third-party test execution software such as MS Test or NUnit. It also includes an integrated debugger and test explorer, which lets you run and debug your code in real-time without having to write any code first, making it easier for developers who are not familiar with these languages or frameworks yet but want to get started quickly with their projects without having to learn them first before they can start using them properly!
  1. Stackify Prefix

When an asp.net programmer executes his apps, a prefix is a code profiler tool from Stackify that runs in the background. The Microsoft web developer tool records all requests and generates a full report on everything that happens. The program can also diagnose slow web requests and locate slow queries. Viewing application logs and adding the appropriate log appender (log4net, NLog, or Serilog) to your project is ideal for using Stackify Prefix.
  1. SQL Multi Script
SQL Multi Script has several capabilities that help you manage changes across SQL servers. Whether you want to retrieve data from many databases or run a script, SQL Multi Script will assist you in finishing the task and saving time by eliminating unnecessary steps.
  1. LinQPad

It's a .Net framework development software utility. LinQPad is primarily used to test LINQ queries and any C#, F#, or VB program. This tool has a debugger and autocompletes capability, and it's the greatest platform for prototyping and getting immediate feedback. It's essential to experiment with code tools to project with LINQ and testing code snippets before they're written into the code.  Intellisense is supported for premium users. You can also connect LinQPad to most major databases, start querying your database with LINQ, and quickly develop an Entity Framework-style query to perform C# activities in it.
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NuGet is a single ZIP file with the .nupkg extension that contains compiled code and a descriptive display that includes information such as the package's version number. Net developers collaborate to produce packages and have those packages hosted by public or private hosting firms. Consumers download these packages from hosts, add them to their projects, and then use the package functionality in their project code.
  1. JetBrains Rider

This is a fast and robust C# editor for.NET developers that work on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. JetBrains Rider enhances your C# experience by allowing you to build error-free code fast on the.net application development platform with over 2500 code inspections. Rider includes Unity compatibility out of the box. The Unity Solution will automatically configure Rider as the default application editor when you start it for the first time. The shader asset will then appear when you double-tap a C# script.
  1. ReSharper

ReSharper provides code quality analysis in C#, XAML, and other languages. JavaScript, HTML, and XML are examples of internet programming languages. You'll know right away whether your codes need to be improved. ReSharper not only alerts you about a flaw in your code, but it also offers several options for fixing the problem and resolving it automatically and swiftly. In most circumstances, you'll also be given various options for quickly fixing the code. 
  1. NUnit 

NUnit is a unit-level testing framework for.NET application development. This framework is simple to work with and includes user-friendly features.
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For.net application development, OmniSharp includes a variety of capabilities such as refactoring, intelligent completion, and semantic highlighting. It began as a vim addon in 2011 but took off in 2014. The project is completely open-source and driven by the community. 
  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 

Microsoft's Visual Studio is a world-class Microsoft web developer tool that gives live assistance when writing C# code using Intellisense. Improved efficiency for C++ files, simplified test access, and local development with various common emulators are just a few of the advantages. Microsoft Azure includes Kubernetes support. Visual Studio provides world-class assistance for developing, resolving, and managing merge conflicts.
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    Microsoft Web Platform Installed 

The Web Platform Installer is a free Microsoft web development tool that makes getting the newest Microsoft Web Platform components simple. SQL server express and net programmers The platform also makes installing and running the most popular applications simple. 
  1. Entity Developer 

Entity Developer is a powerful code generator that primarily serves as an ORM. Object Relational Mapping (ORM) stands for Object Relational Mapping. This utility assists the dotnet developer in mapping data between incompatible storage. It allows the.net developer to create a visual representation of the data access layer. Entity Developer is a tool that allows Asp.net developers to create models for multiple.NET ORMs using a single interface. They can obtain support for all ORMs in one tool, or a separate edition can be purchased if they need one that works with any other supported ORMs. 
  1. Reflector.Net 

.NET Reflector is used by DotNet developers all over the world as a decompiler, disassembler, and static analyzer for the.NET framework. This utility is also available as a Visual Studio extension, making it easier to use. With .Net Reflector, the programmer can easily debug his applications to detect the problems. It can also be used to step into third-party code from Visual Studio. This tool also helps simplify .NET development by allowing the technical team to debug any code and simplify SharePoint development. It also boasts a comprehensive add-in model with an API to extend and adjust it according to custom needs and requirements.
  1. Postman

Postman provides the Dot Net developers with an open-source collaborative platform for testing APIs. With this, a good testing environment can be created for HTTP requests to any API, whether local or distant. It is available as a Desktop client and a Chrome extension. Postman is a flexible tool that may be used for both simple and complex tasks. Basic activities include executing rest calls and organizing requests into folders for each service or API. Advanced features, such as numerous automated testing choices, environment variables, and even a command-line interface. 
  1. NDepend 

For.Net developers and programmers, this tool is akin to a "Swiss army knife." If a programmer requires assistance with static.NET managed code analysis, NDepend is the tool to use, which is also accessible as a Visual Studio extension. Using several code metrics, the developer can readily assess the quality of their code and visualize its design. A bird's eye view of the code's structure is visible. While examining the application's connection with a specific querying language, a net programmer can quickly assess how effective their code adhering is. NDepend can calculate code coverage, provide CQling for customizing code analysis, and generate trend charts. 
  1. Complete SQL 

This is yet another useful tool. It aids in the creation of SQL server management studio code that is appropriately formatted. It also helps you get information from your database objects by speeding up query creation, SQL query formatting, and renaming tables, columns, functions, and procedures. Web developers can also use it for code reorganization, preserving code standards, easy data retrieval, and snippet change and administration. It also aids in code refactoring. SQL Complete is compatible with every Windows version.
  1. SonarQube

This is an open-source static code review tool for preserving the quality of.NET code. It includes a set of static analyzers and a data mart, and a portal for managing technical debt. It also has a strong community behind it that keeps the tool up to date while also contributing new analyzers that can be used as plug-ins. .Net developers utilize SonarCube to standardize code and check the percentage of code that has been reviewed, resulting in improved code maintainability, higher code quality, and fewer review efforts. It's simple to set up and configure, and it comes with several interesting built-in rule sets.

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