Why is Quality Assurance so Important in Software Development?

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Why is Quality Assurance so Important in Software Development?
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The software industry is pacing so rapidly and the world has come to understand the importance of software in its daily lives. Professionals have realized the need for quality assurance in software development to deliver a more efficient product. Simply, quality assurance is a process-oriented approach that focuses on delivering better products with less number of defects. As you know, software testing is important for both developers and users. Testers are often considered to be the eyes and ears of the user. They test software from the perspective of users. Quality Assurance is not a one-time activity and is performed throughout the project's life cycle because errors can however occur at any stage of the development. QA involves various processes, methods, and techniques that are used to ensure that the requirements are met. Software developers have a lot on their plate: new features, architecture changes, bug fixes, etc. They often overlook certain issues that may arise during development, which is why QA is very critical in product development and the main reason why we want to seek the answer to the question, “Why is Quality Assurance so Important in Software Development?” But first, let us define quality assurance in software development to understand its importance in general.
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What Is Quality Assurance in Software Development?

What is Quality Assurance in Software Development? Various Concepts of Software quality assurance? Why is Quality Assurance is so Important in Software Development Role of Quality Analyist in Software Development Why Choose us as your Software development company

Quality assurance in software development, or software quality assurance (SQA) in software engineering, ensures that developed software meets and complies with defined or standardized quality specifications. QA is concerned with improving the processes that result in the delivery of high-quality products to customers. Simply put, Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is a procedure or set of procedures intended to ensure that a software program, software product, or a software service adheres to a defined set of quality criteria or meets the requirements of the client or customer usually referred to as front end users. In other words, QA in software development is to ensure that the software is designed and developed as per the business requirement. Software quality assurance activities are designed to improve the process by which the software is developed and/or maintained. The goal of software quality assurance is to assure that defects are identified as early in the process as possible so that they can be more easily and efficiently fixed. Quality assurance is focused on process improvement and making sure that the processes are followed during software development. QA is a proactive process; it prevents defects in the software product rather than detecting them after they are made. It works in tandem with quality control which focuses on identifying defects in the software product and correcting them after they are made. It also involves all those planned or systematic actions that are necessary to provide adequate confidence that a product or service will satisfy given requirements for quality.

Various Concepts of Software Quality Assurance?

What is Quality Assurance in Software Development? Various Concepts of Software quality assurance? Why is Quality Assurance is so Important in Software Development Role of Quality Analyist in Software Development Why Choose us as your Software development company

Quality is one of the most important aspects of product development. You could have a great product idea, you might even know how to make it and sell it, but if your product does not meet the standards of quality, you will find yourself losing out to the competition. Software quality assurance or SQA ensures that software products are developed in a systematic and quality manner. Under the process of quality assurance, managers and technical staff will have constant communication, to identify the present status of the project. The managerial staff will also take part in controlling and handling the issues. They will ensure the correctness of deliverables and make sure that they are ready for use by clients. To understand what constitutes software quality, let us take a look at some important principles of SQA. Quality Assurance (QA) is a set of activities for ensuring quality in software engineering processes (that ultimately result in quality in software products). The following activities are included, but not limited to:
  • Reviewing requirement specifications. 
  • Accompanying reviews. 
  • Planning and executing tests. 
  • Reporting defects. 
  • Evaluating test results. 
  • Analyzing causes of defects/failures. 
  • Identifying improvement opportunities. 
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Why is Quality Assurance so Important in Software Development?

What is Quality Assurance in Software Development? Various Concepts of Software quality assurance? Why is Quality Assurance is so Important in Software Development Role of Quality Analyist in Software Development Why Choose us as your Software development company

Quality means different things depending on who you talk to, but it tends to mean the required standard. Quality assurance (QA) is the collective processes and procedures required for providing confidence that a product or service under development will meet the quality standards of the organization. On the other hand, software testing is an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the software product or service under test. Software testing can also provide a business with an objective, unbiased view of the software, allowing them to appreciate and comprehend the risks associated with software implementation. The process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding software bugs is one example of a test technique (errors or other defects). Software quality assurance activities are typically conducted in parallel to software development activities. An integral part of this process is defining what quality means for each project by establishing testable success criteria that cover aspects such as functionality, reliability, and performance. However, over the years, Software QA has gained importance in the IT industry, and here is why:
  1. Increase in the number and complexity of the software applications developed for organizations.
  2. The amount of money spent on the development of software applications is huge. The risk associated with the failure of any system is enormous, which can put the whole organization in jeopardy.
  3. Increasing dependence on computers and software applications by individuals and organizations.
  4. The software developed by developers will be free from bugs and errors.
  5. It makes sure that the product/application developed by developers meets all the requirements and specifications as per client needs.
  6. It ensures that there are no delays in delivering products to clients due to bugs and errors found later after deployment.
  7. It helps us in increasing customer satisfaction with our products/applications.
  8. The increasing role played by various government and semi-government agencies in ensuring the quality of products and services.
  9. Increase in quality awareness among customers and market-driven organizations, etc.

Role of Quality Analyst in Software Development

What is Quality Assurance in Software Development? Various Concepts of Software quality assurance? Why is Quality Assurance is so Important in Software Development Role of Quality Analyist in Software Development Why Choose us as your Software development company

The software development process is incomplete without quality assurance. The goals of quality assurance are to find mistakes in the early stages of development, rectify them and improve the quality of the software. Quality assurance also minimizes the cost of fixing errors later on in the development cycle. In most cases, it is much more costly to fix errors after deployment than it is to catch and fix these issues earlier on in the process. The roles of quality analysts vary from company to company. Some companies have one team for testing and a separate team for analysis, while others combine these roles into one department. In many companies, quality analysts work closely with product managers and developers to define requirements and create test plans before coding even begins. Once coding is underway, they may work with developers to identify possible code issues or problems that may come up during production. After a program has been released, it is common for a quality analyst to examine customer feedback and use this data to help define future requirements or create new test plans based on possible issues or problems that customers may face when using the program. Here are some of the major roles played by quality assurance analysts in software development:
  • Quality assurance engineers are responsible for making sure that the software product meets the company’s standards for quality before it is released to customers, users and clients.
  • They generally work hand in hand with quality control engineers who are more concentrated on the testing phase of software development. 
  • Quality control engineers test systems, components, and features to ensure that they conform to functional, performance, and other technical specifications.
  • The quality assurance team is responsible for testing that the software meets the business and technical requirements and does not have any defects.
  • Quality assurance teams may also be responsible for creating test plans and test cases to ensure that all requirements are adequately tested, managing testing environments, and setting up test data.
In addition to these responsibilities, many high functioning quality assurance organizations have begun to expand their roles in the software development process by writing automated tests. These teams work with developers to create automated tests as part of the continuous integration process. Testing automation has become such a critical part of the software development process that it’s now an essential skill set for testers looking to progress in their careers. In a nutshell, Quality assurance professionals in software development play key roles on agile teams, including but not limited to Managing test cases and test environments, coordinating user acceptance testing, setting up test data, and writing automated tests.
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Why Choose Us as Your Software Development Company?

What is Quality Assurance in Software Development? Various Concepts of Software quality assurance? Why is Quality Assurance is so Important in Software Development Role of Quality Analyist in Software Development Why Choose us as your Software development company

Software Quality Assurance is a process that needs to be implemented throughout the project cycle to ensure that the developed application meets the desired quality standards. QA services are often integrated with testing services focusing on quality parameters that are considered critical for the application's success. At Mobirevo, we understand the importance of Quality Assurance, and we have a team of professional QA engineers who follow the best practices of Software Testing. We are not limited to unit testing and integration testing, we also perform system testing, load testing, and user acceptance testing, which ensure that the final product is flawless and bug-free. Customer satisfaction is the main goal of any business. As a software development company, we are not an exception. Our goal at Mobirevo is to deliver software products that will satisfy all customer requirements and expectations. To be sure that our customers are satisfied with the quality of our products, we use QA services. We have a dedicated Quality Assurance department. The role of this department is to provide customers with high-quality software products and make their business more efficient and profitable. The knowledge, skills, and experience of our QA engineers help us to minimize the number of defects in our software products and ensure smooth functioning after deployment. The quality assurance process helps us to identify vulnerabilities earlier in the development cycle, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction. It also helps us to create a product that fits the needs of our customers. Our services include Test documentation preparation, Functional testing; Unit testing; Integration testing, Regression testing, Performance testing, and User acceptance testing. Below are some of the advantages of choosing us for your software development projects:
  • We place a premium on customer satisfaction above all else.
  • We make certain that our customers receive the highest quality product possible.
  • Our team follows the best practices of Software Development to ensure that our products are fully tested before delivering them to our customers.
  • Our QA engineers follow stringent rules while testing custom software applications to ensure no bugs or errors remain in the product when delivered to you.


As an industry, we have spent the last 5 years focused on increasing the speed of delivery. This has led to a dramatic increase in the frequency with which we deliver software. But what we've lost is our ability to do so without sacrificing quality. In summary, we can say that QA is a set of processes used to assure that a product or service meets quality standards and satisfies customer expectations. Because of the ever-increasing demand for software, many companies are trying to speed up development and release new products faster. This is a good strategy, but it should not be at the expense of quality. It is easy to cut corners on software testing as it is seen as a non-value-added activity in software development. But our company focuses on delivering high-quality software to attract more customers, gain customer trust and loyalty, have satisfied customers, ensure business continuity, and improve its brand image and reputation. Mobirevo is a software development company in Nigeria that offers high-performing custom solutions for businesses and provides all-round digital transformation . If you have an idea or wish to enhance an existing app and get a free quote, you can contact us right away. We promise the most cost-effective and high-quality items available. Our team at Mobirevo strives to provide unrivaled services to all of our valued clients. You can also check out our case study page to see our client’s portfolio and get a better understanding better understand deliver. Also, contact us if you have any questions about our services, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Want to receive more content like this? You can sign up for our newsletter, which features curated opinions, and web app development tools for building remarkable digital assets. If you sign up for our weekly newsletter, you will be the first to know when we publish awesome content like this. You can also visit our blog to see other content created with love by our amazing team.
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