The Best 30 WordPress Development Tools

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The Best 30 WordPress Development Tools
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Joy Atuzieeditor
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We live in a time where people are pretty accustomed to using the internet daily. We use it for so many things because it is so easy to use, and most of the time, it's free! We don't realize that some companies provide these services, and they have to be paid for in some way. You may want to hire a professional to help you build your WordPress. The first reason is that new updates are always coming out, and you won't always know about them until it is too late. Anytime there is an update, you need someone with experience updating WordPress because if not done correctly, you could lose everything on your site. The last thing you want is your site to go down because of an update gone wrong! In this post, we've compiled some essential WordPress development tools, some premium and free WordPress plugins, and some premium and free WordPress plugins you'll want to have in your toolbox when developing sites with content management system. These open-source tools can be found on GitHub, CodeCanyon, and other such marketplaces, so they come with various features that can help streamline your work. If you're looking to build a new website or upgrade an existing site, then you should take a look at these handy tools:
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Why is WordPress Development Important for Businesses?The Best 30 Wordpress Development Tools Why is Wordpress Development Important for Businesses? The Best 30 Wordpress Development Tools

WordPress development is a rapidly growing sector of the IT industry. There are some great advantages to using WordPress for your website and many other uses WordPress provides.

1. Simplicity 

One of the biggest benefits of WordPress development is that you can add almost any functionality you want at any time. You don't have to wait on anyone else to do it for you--you can modify your site as needed. In addition, because WordPress is so popular and well-known, search engine optimization (or SEO) is made much easier.
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2. User-friendly 

WordPress is the most useful and preferred platform for creating websites. It's more popular than any other Content Management System (CMS) because of its ease of use, user-friendliness, and support network.

3. Wide range of available resources 

WordPress boasts over 60 million downloads, meaning that you can find various resources for developing your WordPress sites. From themes and plugins to frameworks and cloud hosting solutions, plenty of resources are available for creating a solid WordPress development workflow.
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The Best 30 WordPress Development Tools

The Best 30 Wordpress Development Tools Why is Wordpress Development Important for Businesses? The Best 30 Wordpress Development Tools

By tools, we mean not only software but also technologies and WordPress developer plugins. However, given the record number of sites powered by WordPress, it's no surprise that more and more people are looking at WordPress development as their career.

1. Duo

Duo is a package manager who aids in the organization and writing of frontend code. For short proofs of concept and larger online applications, it lets you pull JavaScript, HTML, and CSS from various sources (including GitHub). 
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2. Firebug

Many WordPress designers and developers swear by this Firefox add-on. It includes many of the same features as the developer tools and allows you to make changes to any page in real-time. It's entirely up to you whether you want to extend the native tools. If you use Firebug, make sure to install the Codeburner add-on, which offers HTML and CSS reference material.

3. WordPress Site Manager

Having to log in and out of various WordPress websites regularly might be inconvenient. As a result, this extension saves your login credentials and offers instant access to all your sites' main pages. It also enhances the WordPress editor's functionality.
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4. Notepad++

Notepad++ is a superb and free source code editor for more casual coding. It has syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and other features. It's one of the WordPress development tools that I use daily. I've heard nice things about Komodo Edit as a Mac OS X alternative.

5. Visual Studio Live Share

Visual Studio is still quite popular among developers of all kinds. With the Live Share extension for VS Code and VS 2017, Microsoft made it one of the top WordPress development tools of 2022 this year. This add-on will allow you to instantly share your project with peers, regardless of what programming language you're using or the operating system you're using. 
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6. React.JS

The REST API has been a part of the WordPress system for numerous years. Developers can now create WordPress themes using technologies other than classic PHP, but they can still use the old way if it is more convenient for them.

7. My Browser FYI

This tool is unique in that it is simple to use while also having the potential to generate complicated pieces. It is, without a doubt, one of the top WordPress development tools available in 2022. You'll appreciate this tool if you've ever had to troubleshoot a browser problem. This tool will come in handy if you've ever needed to poll users for information on a browser. One of the steps on the agenda is checking for ad blockers and measuring the connection speed. 


The MAMP package includes everything you'll need to run WordPress on your desktop machines, whether for testing or development. A macOS local-server environment that is available in both free and premium editions. It is also available for Windows users, but only Mac users will probably benefit most. You can also easily test your projects on mobile devices. Whether you want to use Apache or Nginx for your web server and MySQL for your database server, or if you wish to use PHP, Python, Perl, or Ruby as your programming language, it doesn't matter.


XAMPP is another web service stack that PHP developers, including those who create WordPress products, adore. The "X" in the tool's name stands for cross-platform compatibility. Installers for Windows, macOS, and Linux are included with the software. It offers everything you need to run WordPress from your desktop or laptop because it supports PHP and MySQL. The differences between web service stacks used to be significant, but continual upgrades and enhancements have leveled the playing field. XAMPP, on the other hand, has a few tricks up its sleeve. 
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10. Atom

Atom is a popular code editor among developers since it allows you to work on various projects. There's a built-in GitHub integration that makes text editing a breeze. There are also various "packages," which are add-ons.

11. GenerateWP

GenerateWP is a set of web-based tools that allow you to produce various types of WordPress code snippets from your input. You can use the GenerateWP tool to produce code for common needs like custom post types, custom taxonomies, shortcodes, and post statuses. Even though some of their tools are only available for a fee, you can still utilize a lot of them for free. 

12. Developer Tools for Firefox and Chrome. 

Both of the major browsers have built-in developer tools. They let you inspect and edit any site's HTML and CSS, debug JavaScript, and do much more right from your browser window. Simply right-click on an element of any webpage and select the examine element from the menu to get the tools.

13. Bootstrap

This design framework aids in the development of responsive themes. It has a Flexbox-based 12-column grid and a number of built-in classes for rendering all typical web elements like buttons, sliders, dropdown menus, and so on. By integrating Bootstrap into your sites, you can have cross-platform compatibility, error-free code, quick development speed, and no need to install extra plugins.

14. Health Check 

If there are issues, our plugin understands just how to resolve them. It has a broader application than only debugging. This plugin saves time for developers by creating reports that show configuration issues such as PHP, MySQL, and so on. This plugin provides a special debugging mode that allows you to disable plugins and utilize the default theme to troubleshoot issues impacting specific logged-in website users.

15. CSS Hero.

It's the most effective plugin for altering the frontend. CSS may be complicated and time-consuming to customize during the development process, therefore, a plugin that makes CSS customization easier and faster is a developer's dream come true. The best part about CSS Hero is that you can customize all aspects of your website in real-time, including fonts, colors, Unsplash, and prebuilt snippets. Safe Editing, which does not edit theme files and creates regular checkpoints for saving, is installed here.

16. Wordfence

This plugin is the finest for assuring the page's security. Wordfence provides a number of tools that can safeguard your computer from malware and threats. The plugin's main features are as follows: 
  • Endpoint firewall that protects your computer from harmful traffic and threats. 
  • This security scanner detects and analyzes malware, code injections, backdoors, and other threats. 
  • Updated firewall rules and malware signatures are available through the Threat Protection Channel.

17. WPForms

WPForms is a pretty handy plugin for creating feedback and contact forms for WordPress. A drag-and-drop online form builder is included in the plugin. It also makes creating contact forms, email signup forms, online order forms, payment forms, and other types of forms simple. WPForms is compatible with all major marketing and payment systems. In less than 5 minutes, you can build effective forms. 

18. Opt-in monster

It is, without a doubt, the most widely used conversion rate optimization software. This WordPress plugin and the app can help you quickly increase your email subscribers and sales. Everyone can quickly customize any subscription form or campaign template using a drag-and-drop builder.

19. SeedProd

This WordPress plugin does an excellent job of dragging and dropping pages. Thanks to its functionality, you may quickly alter your website design and build page layouts without writing any code. This plugin enables you to customize landing pages in minutes without needing web development services like those provided by MLSDev. 

20. MemberPress. 

This plugin is a must-have for anyone using WordPress to create online courses, communities, or membership sites. We can confidently state that this plugin is the best for implementing such features. You may create subscriptions and limit user content based on their membership type using MemberPress. Additionally, this plugin is compatible with all major payment systems and WooCommerce-based online retailers.

21. WP Rocket

As you may be aware, the speed with which a page on the Internet loads is important for site visitors. WP Rocket, as the greatest cache building plugin, ensures a good page load, improving your WordPress site's performance, load times, and speed without requiring technical knowledge. The main feature of this plugin is that it crawls the page and creates a cache for your website, resulting in an immediate performance gain. 

22. RafflePress

With the use of freebies, gamification components, and contests, you can rapidly increase traffic to your site, gain more social media followers, and gain more email subscribers. RafflePress is a fantastic tool for increasing social media traffic. Users are encouraged to follow your social media profiles and share presents with their friends to increase their chances of winning the competition. It will assist you in improving your social media interaction. 

23. WooCommerce

It is the most widely used WordPress eCommerce plugin, with over 5 million sites using it. For online stores, such a plugin is required. Due to the popularity of the WooCommerce functionality, a dedicated hosting ecosystem has recently emerged.

24. WPML

There is no easy option to establish a multilingual website in the default WordPress settings. You'll need a plugin to help you handle this difficulty while working in a multilingual setting. WPML is a WordPress multilingual plugin that makes it simple to develop multilingual websites. It's simple to use, SEO-friendly, and can help you swiftly publish content in multiple languages. 

25. Nextiva. 

This plugin is required for individuals whose website communication is tied to telephone services. In terms of functionality and convenience of use, it is one of the best business phone services available. They include complex call routing, unlimited free internal calls, voicemail to email or text, online fax, and more to help you get a work phone number for your website.

26. Shared Counts.

This is a useful plugin for anyone who uses social media regularly. Your website will become more social and advertising proof if you include nice social networking buttons and count the number of reposts. The plugin's benefit is that it outperforms its competitors in terms of ease of use and work quality while remaining completely free. 

27. Uncanny Automator

Uncanny Automator is a great WordPress automation plugin. It enables you to use existing WordPress collaboration plugins without having to write any code, allowing you to automate administrative processes and save time and money. You can use this plugin to coordinate the activity of your other plugins as well. It appears to be an excellent concept for anyone who must collaborate on two independent WordPress sites without creating any code. In most cases, appropriate

28. PushEngage

This plugin adds to the implementation of WordPress push notifications. You may send tailored messages and adverts to your website visitors using browser push notification technology. WPBeginner has consistently put push notifications among the top five traffic sources. PushEngage can automatically generate cart abandonment notifications, price drop alerts, inventory notifications, and more for eCommerce website owners. 

29. Boilerplate

Plugin Boilerplate is a great resource created by Tom McFarlin and Devin Vinson that provides you with a comprehensive range of boilerplate templates to choose from on GitHub. These WordPress widgets and plugins are PHP files that require a stylesheet or JS script to work in the admin panel. This is an excellent time-saving resource that shouldn't be overlooked for people wishing to start writing their own plugins.

30. Synchi

Syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and other sophisticated development capabilities are available right in the WordPress backend with this plugin. Use it in text widgets and the plugin, theme, and WordPress text editor.


WordPress is a free open source content management system (or CMS), which means that it's easily customizable, and there's no need for a developer to make changes or updates to your site. Hopefully, the tools listed in this article will help you kick-start your WordPress project and experience easy development. Mobirevo is a renowned WordPress development company in Nigeria. With the help of cutting-edge tools and advancements in the AngularJS platform, our experienced in-house WordPress developers can efficiently meet complex business needs. Even startups and small businesses can benefit from our high-quality eCommerce development services at a low cost. You can contact us today to get a free quote. Our team at Mobirevo strives to provide unrivaled services to all of our valued clients. You can also check out our case study page to see our client’s portfolio and better understand the quality of products we deliver. Also, contact us if you have any questions about our services, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Want to receive more content like this? You can sign up for our newsletter, which features curated opinions, and web app development tools for building remarkable digital assets. If you sign up for our weekly newsletter, you will be the first to know when we publish awesome content like this. You can also visit our blog to see other content created with love by our amazing team.
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